Disabled Woman Struck in Hamden Hit-and-Run

Police are searching for the driver.

Hamden Police are searching for a hit-and-run driver who fled the scene after striking a disabled woman on Friday morning. 

They said the driver hit Liz Ingraham while she was crossing State Street in Hamden. The driver did get out of the car and checked on Ingraham, but when she said she was all right, the man took off.

However, Ingraham was not alright. She suffered a cracked vertebrae, and required 50 stitches in her thigh.

"Unfortunately Liz is special needs, was very upset, very scared that she did something wrong," Ray Ingraham, the victim's brother, told NBC Connecticut. "You know that they were this far from doing the right thing," he added.

It was a routine disrupted for Ingraham.

"That's her usual walk," her brother added. "She walks down. Goes to Krauszer's, shops, goes to Dunkin Donuts."

Police are now seeking the driver of that vehicle, and looking at surveillance video from the Krauszer's Food Store to see if it will give them any leads on the car.

Ingraham is a familiar face to people in the community, who are hoping the driver is caught quickly.

"She did get injured and if anybody knows anything about Liz or the accident. Please come forward," said Jeff Roy, who knows Liz from the neighborhood.

"She's my first customer at 5 o'clock in the morning, gets a coke," said Krauszer's employee Chetna Bhakta. She described Ingraham as nice and honest and couldn't fathom she was the one who got hit

Ray Ingraham said his sister is resting at home -- one she's had and kept on her own for 10 years. But he questions how she will cope moving forward after this traumatic incident.

"But again how is she going to live at home again. How is she going to get through this?" Ingraham said. "Will she feel safe at 6:30 in the morning, will she feel confident enough to walk across the street herself it's going to be a hurdle for her?"

Hamden police only said the car involved in the crash is a Nissan. Residents in the area believe it might be red.

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