Dogs to Be Put Down after Pet Mauling

Oxford animal control officers ordered two Newfoundland dogs believed to have killed Roxy, a Labrador mix, in Jackson Cove Park two weeks ago to be destroyed.

Vickie Tkacz's four Newfoundland dogs broke off their leashes while being walked in the Oxford park in July and viciously attacked Roxy, who later died at a veterinarian’s office.

The town attempted to work with Tkacz and her attorney for the Newfoundlands to be returned to her with strict conditions, but Tkacz was uncooperative, according to a news release town manager Mary Ann Drayton-Rogers issued.

The agreement issued to Tkacz required that six of her Newfies out of all parks in Oxford, penned, muzzled, identified and they would have to be under control at all times.

Tkacz moved two dogs involved in the attack out-of-state and they were ordered to be destroyed if they were to return to Oxford, according to Drayton-Rogers.

Tkacz left the state on the day she was supposed to sign the agreement that her attorney and the town’s attorney had worked out, so animal control issued an order to destroy two of the dogs that remained in their possession.

"Unfortunately it has come to this because of the owner's recklessness in handling her dogs and the uncooperative response she has had to the horrific action that took place against another animal at our park," Drayton-Rogers said in a statement.

This was not the only incident, according to Drayton-Rogers. Several complaints have been lodged against the owner in the past and more have surfaced since the incident was made public.

"In the best interest and safety of all concerned, and after every attempt to work with the owner, the town is left with no alternative but to see that these animals are put down," Drayton-Rogers said.

Calls to Tkacz’s attorney were not returned.

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