East Haven

Dozens of Volunteers Participate in Clean Up Connecticut

A group of volunteers joined forces to help clean up different parts of Connecticut. It's a part of the International Coastal Cleanup Day.

People of all ages participated in picking up and documenting litter across the state. The goal is to keep all lands and waterways clean including the Long Island Sound.

The effort also helps preserve the state's most valuable natural resource, estuary.

Save the Sound is an environmental non-profit group with a goal of preserving the eco-system.

"We have people from all over the state come out and help save the sound and clean-up our town," said George Smith, a member of the Clean-Up East Haven's My Community Action Group. "It's what we can do actually and see the change start that will hopefully spread globally."

Volunteers picked up disposable water bottles, cigarette butts, and other trash.

Save The Sound hosted 15 different clean-up projects on Saturday. The non-profit is hosting 45 clean up projects throughout the month of September.

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