East Haven Detective Accidentally Discharges Weapon in House: Police

An East Haven police detective is under investigation after accidentally discharging her weapon at home, Lt. David Emerman confirmed to NBC Connecticut.

"The Department is aware of the incident and is investigating as per Department policy," Lt. Emerman said in an email.

A bullet from Detective Shirley Conyers gun reportedly hit a neighbor’s home. Nobody was injured. Conyers was sworn in as a detective in early September.

Law enforcement expert and University of New Haven criminal justice professor John DeCarlo said he is not surprised by this latest report of an accidental shooting by a police detective.

"Accidents just like motor vehicle accidents do occur,” DeCarlo said. “And any group of people who carry these, literally 24/7, is obviously going to have unexpected discharges at times. "

The former police chief in Branford, DeCarlo said officers need to make sure to remove any ammunition before cleaning a gun to avoid accidental shootings.

"It is fortuitous that no one was hurt," DeCarlo said. "About a third of accidental discharges, we have some kind of injury. Although the injury is not nearly at same rate as with intentional discharges."

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