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East Lyme Police Warn Against Political Sign Vandalism

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Marking political support has been around as long as there have been elections. And there’s an age-old issue that comes with it.

“No matter what community you’re in, the issue of signage always becomes an issue that is discussed as far as signs being taken, being damaged,” said East Lyme Police Chief Michael Finkelstein.

And lately in East Lyme, presidential signs aren’t staying around.

“Maybe six or seven Biden signs were all taken from different yards around town and placed on one woman’s car,” said Jason Deeble, chair of the East Lyme Democratic Town Committee. “And she felt very uncomfortable and intimidated by that.”

NBC Connecticut reached out to the town Republican Committee and have not heard back.

Deeble said he felt compelled to do something, so he worked with the Republican chair and police to issue a statement posted on Facebook. It calls for the town to respect each other the way Karen Taylor has seen it for 40 years.

“This has been a very strong community of friendships and working together,” said Taylor.

Walking through town Monday afternoon, Megan Murphy said it was a good idea for the three groups to come together.

“I didn’t know there was an issue before so maybe just reminding people that everyone has their own opinion and you should respect everybody’s opinion is probably the best way to go,” said Murphy.

Residents told NBC Connecticut that signs have been run over, spray painted and stolen. Police said they’re investigating and reminding people property theft is illegal. There could be fines or charges.

“We’re trying to prevent that. We’re trying to not get to that point we’re trying to be proactive and tell people don’t even engage in this type of behavior, so it doesn’t have to be a concern,” said Finkelstein.

“That’s just it. Everybody needs to be civil,” said Michael Barber. “Everybody should just treat it as a normal election. You go and vote for whoever you want to vote for.”

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