Eight Special Deliveries at St. Francis Hospital

First-time parents Lauren and William Beeler have been waiting nine months for these two little bundles of joy.

"We were a little shocked, but very excited. It was even more exciting finding out we were getting a boy and a girl because it was like hitting the jackpot in one shot," said Lauren Beeler.
It wasn't just Lauren and William who had a set of twins. There were three more sets of twins born in a span of just ten hours at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford. The first set was born at 9:18 p.m. on Thursday; the last was born at 6:57 a.m. Friday.
"What happened was, we started to start our delivery, and all the nurses got pulled from us to an emergency c-section for another twin," said Lauren Beeler.
"The labor and delivery room was hopping," added her husband, William.
McKenna Golas was one of the babies to kick the whole thing off. Her brother, Elijah, was still in the neonatal intensive care unit as of Friday afternoon, along with another set of twins. His mom, Jessica, is hoping he'll be out soon and is just overcome with emotion for her two children.
"You know friends say you just don't know until you become a mother and experience the love that you have instantly for them, and it's true," said Jessica Golas.
That love was spread around ten-fold, for the eight babies delivered overnight and a set of twins born Tuesday.
"Oddly enough, multiples always come in multiples. So usually when we see one set of twins, or triples in the delivery room, we know there's at least one other going to be coming soon," said Debbie McDermott, a charge nurse in the maternity ward.
"It's exciting that there are so many twins. It's not as random as you think," said Lauren and William Beeler.
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