More Equipment Stolen From Colchester Ballpark

Police are searching for the suspect who stole important equipment from a Colchester little league.

On Sunday, the Colchester Baseball and Softball League realized someone had broken into one of its storage sheds and stolen equipment, including the controller for the scoreboard.

“I was like 'why?' What’s the point of stealing it?” said Sebastian Golubeff, a Colchester player.

The league said there were no signs of a break-in at the press box and storage shed. It appears whoever snuck in either had the key or the door was accidentally left unlocked.

With no controller, the scoreboard now remains off.

“I kept asking my dad after each inning because he does the score book,” said Jacob Ambrose, a Colchester player.

The league valued the equipment at $2,500 and had paid for it through donations and fundraising.

“I just think it’s horrible. You know, the kids are the ones that ultimately pay the price,” says Doug Wyatt, a parent of a baseball player.

“It’s heartbreaking. So yeah it affects the kids, it affects the parents, it affects the community,” said Nicole Golubeff, another baseball player parent.

The league said a practice pitching machine and grounds keeping equipment were also taken.

They are looking at replacements but hope they’re not needed and someone has a change of heart.

“We don’t want to ask any questions. We don’t want to pursue it legally. We just want the scoreboard controller and other stuff back,” said Chris Ferrante, president of the Colchester Baseball & Softball League.

The league is working to change the locks on all sheds at the fields.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.

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