Ex-Employee Admits Hacking Hospital Email

A Waterbury man threatened his ex-boss and hacked into his email after getting laid off from Waterbury Hospital, according to police.

A Waterbury man is facing even more criminal charges for his alleged behavior in the hours after he was laid off from Waterbury Hospital.

Joseph Margiotta was laid off from his job as a computer security administrator in February. Hours later, Margiotta hacked into his former boss's account and sent him an email titled "Cry baby" and stated it would be the "first of many dopey," according to police.

When he was laid off, Margiotta threatened his former boss saying "You come to Waterbury every day. I will be waiting for you. You just wait, I'll be seeing you around," according to the statement his boss gave to police.

Margiotta was arrested this week for the computer crime. He was arrested for making the threatening comments the same day he was laid off.

Police confiscated four computers from his Old Colony Drive home and determined he hacked into the hospital system for 22 minutes by using his laptop, according to police.

"He was angry. He was upset he was being laid off and this is how he was going to get back at the hospital," said Capt. Chris Corbett of the Waterbury Police.

Margiotta did not answer the door at his home but he did tell police, "I wanted to show him that I could get by the security and still access the hospital computer system," according to his statement to police.

While working at the hospital, Margiotta told police he compiled a list of user names and passwords for all administrators, according to court records. He also said he used those accounts to access the hospital computer system.

"He specifically targeted his former boss. There was no compromise of the integrity of the Waterbury Hospital computer system," said Corbett.

Waterbury Hospital declined to comment.

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