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Experts Concerned About Potential ‘Second Wave' of Flu

After an already severe flu season, there is concern about a potential second wave.

At UConn Health in Farmington, overall flu cases are going down. But there is bump in the share of one type of the flu. That means everyone, including those who already came down with the flu, should keep their guard up.

“There were a lot of family and friends too that got sick as well, with or without the flu shot,” Storrs resident Becky Lang said.

Becky and Brian Lang, along with their dog, got their flu shots. They haven’t gotten sick so far during this horrible season which hit so many.

“A fair few. They’d be out of work or something like that. And I’d still be carrying on,” Brian Lang said.

While they escaped the first flu wave, another could be headed our way.

“There is some concern about that but it’s a little difficult to predict,” Dr. David Banach, infectious disease physician at UConn Health, said.

Banach confirms it’s a little unusual to be dealing with flu this late in the year.

Experts said before we were mostly seeing one strain of flu, called Type A. Now a second strain, Type B, is on the rise. Everyone remains potentially vulnerable, even those who already came down with Type A or got a shot, which provides protection against both strains.

“Those who have been vaccinated still may remain at risk for infection. The vaccine effectiveness has not been ideal this particular flu season,” Banach said.

Thousands have been hospitalized in the state so far this flu season, and 131 people have died.

The good news is Type B is usually not as severe as Type A.

There is still time to get a flu shot. Dr. Banach also advises to keep up those healthy habits, including washing hands properly and staying away from those who are sick.

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