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Experts Provide Tips For Those Struggling This Allergy Season

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The nice stretch of weather is packing a punch for those struggling with allergies.

Runny eyes, nasal congestion, and even sneezing are some of the symptoms many are experiencing nearly two months into the spring season.

Medical experts said that this year we're seeing a little bit of a delayed season due to an extended period of cold air and rain.

" It's been really difficult, much worse than ever before," said Kerry Loring who's dealt with allergies for the majority of her life.

Loring told NBC Connecticut that she has a bone to pick with mother nature and the sprinkles of pollen she's finding practically everywhere.

"You wake up with stuff dripping from your nose and your head feeling like cotton," said Loring. "My car is covered, my window seals are covered."

Curtis Thompson said he has no issues with allergies but mentioned that his car has been getting hammered with pollen these last couple of weeks.

"It's a bunch of green all over," said Thompson. "It's funny because I have no trees at my house but I get all this green stuff on my car."

Many people who have been suffering from allergies have already gone to the doctor, according to Hartford Healthcare Allergist Dr. Kelsey Kaman.

"People have been coming in a lot more over the last couple of weeks, and this week, in particular, starting to really experience a lot of eye itching, irritation, as well as sneezing and nasal congestion," said Dr. Kaman.

"The problem is that grass pollen is also starting to kick up right now as well, and it might be a little bit more delayed because of how long everything took to pollinate," Dr. Kaman continued.

There are several tips on how to reduce the severity of your allergies, according to Hartford Healthcare:

  • Clean your air filters
  • Use face coverings when outside
  • Close your windows/doors
  • Shower and change your clothes after being outside
  • Consult with your allergist to find the best allergy medicine

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