Facebook Fireworks Fight to Move to Town Green

Pennywise Observatory 5.15.16 (13)
Fatima Kelley

Some residents of Middletown and beyond took their fight to save the city's Fourth of July fireworks to Facebook through a "We want fireworks in Middletown in 2010" page, and now they are taking the fight to the town green.

The Common Council decided to eliminate fireworks to save $65,000, the Middletown Press reported last month.

Around June 15, the Facebook page was created and 324 people had joined as of Wednesday. The latest development in the fight is a "Save the fireworks meeting," planned for Thursday night at 7 p.m. on the town green.

From the wall posts, it seems that members know there are no guarantees that posting a comment on Facebook will bring fireworks on the Fourth, especially since it is coming up so soon, but that the page is a way to show that there is support out there.

So far, there are no plans to re-instate the celebration.

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