Water Freezes on Woodbridge House, Road as Firefighters Put Out Flames

A family safely escaped a three-alarm fire in Woodbridge on Friday night. 

Firefighters said the fire started in the garage before fully involving the house on Inwood Road. Responders could see the flames shooting nearly 20 feet into the air. 

The family was inside the house when the fire began but the mom, dad and two daughters were able to get out before the home was involved. 

The fire chief said the extreme cold temperatures were creating ice as firefighters work to put the flames out with water. Crews were called in to deice the roads.

It took nearly two hours to put out the entire fire. 

One firefighter was transported to the hospital for stitches after getting a cut on his head. All other firefighters had their vitals checked because of the outside conditions. 

Half of the house is a total loss, but the fire chief said the extent of the smoke damage is not clear yet. 

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