Feds Release Money to Fix State Bridges After Floods

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Cynthia Faram

The feds are providing $1 million in emergency relief funds to fix bridges damaged by flooding after heavy rains on March 29 and 30.

"The extreme flooding in Connecticut this spring significantly damaged two bridges and many roads," said Secretary Ray LaHood. "Providing emergency relief like this will help the state move forward with repairs while it continues with damage assessments."

The money is expected to help Connecticut replace the two-lane bridge over Whiteford’s Brook in Stonington, which was destroyed by floodwaters caused by heavy rains in late March.

It will also help to reinforce underwater supports weakened by “scour,” or soil erosion caused by fast-moving waters, for a two-lane bridge on Route 1 in New London. An estimated 6,000 drivers rely on the two bridges every day.

"These ‘quick release’ funds will ensure that Connecticut can start working on these important projects immediately,” said Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez. "Our mission is to help the state get these bridges and roads fixed so life in these communities can get back to normal.”

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