Fire Breaks Out at Wicked Slice in Coventry

Mutual aid was called in after fire broke out at Wicked Slice, a pizza restaurant in Coventry.

Firefighters responded to the restaurant at 3466 Main St. around 6 a.m. and the fire chief said that the damage appears to be heaviest at the back of the building, where the kitchen is.

No one was in the building when the fire started and officials are investigating what started the blaze.

The power has been cut to the building and around half a dozen nearby businesses have been affected.

The general manager of the pizza shop said officials told him the fire started in the back of the restaurant, near the kitchen.

They also told the general manager that the pizza ovens did not appear to be on, but the fire was most concentrated by the fryers. 

A Tweet from Tolland County 911 says Main Street, or Route 31, will be closed for an extended period of time in the area of Wrights Mill Road.

Mutual aid was called in from Willimantic, Wilmington, Tolland and Manchester.

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