Firefighters Fight Milford Blaze

At least one dozen people escaped from a burning rooming house at 79 North Street in Milford on Wednesday night.

Firefighters responded to the Brismont Housing Lodge at 79 North Street around 10 p.m. after receiving several 911 calls and found flames shooting from the back corner of the second floor of the nearly 3,000 square-foot rooming house.

Crews tried to enter through the interior stairwell, but the balloon-frame construction of the home built in 1750, cold weather and snow and ice posed problems. Fire got into the walls.

Crews were brought in from Stratford and the West Shore fire departments to provide mutual aid.

Acting Fire Chief Robert Healey said the firefighters can only work so long in the cold and they had to rotate crews.

No injuries were reported, but there was a medical call. Whether it was for a resident or someone who was watching is not known.

The house has been deemed uninhabitable, according to the Milford Fire-Rescue Department. Residents will be staying at a local hotel with help from the American Red Cross.

The cause of the fire is not yet known.

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