First Responders Train for Technical Rescues at Enders State Forest

It has been a busy year for first responders at Enders State Forest.

On an average year, first responders are usually called to the popular Granby spot three or four times, but this year they've already been called five times, and the busy summer season is just beginning.

“The fact that we are already up to five and it’s only June right now, is a little bit scary for us,” said Deputy Chief Tim Weber with the Lost Acres Fire Department.

After a series of slips, one serious, Lost Acres Fire joined their mutual aid partners Monday night for some real life training on how to get people out of the waterfalls. Despite more incidents, so far this year there have been no fatalities and their goal is to keep it that way.

According to Weber, people typically slip trying to cross the edge of the waterfall and drop about 15 feet to a pool where they get stuck. It is another 15 feet to the bottom of the waterfall.

“It is a pretty technical operation getting folks that might be hurt out of the water, down out of the falls back up over the ridge up to where they can get medical care,” said Weber.

The rescue can take 45 first responders 45 minutes. According to Weber, every second matters so they practice so it is smooth when it matters the most.

“That is what we are training for, is so if someone gets hurt, we are here to take care of you.”

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