For Guilford Home Depot Delivery, 5th Time's the Charm

NBC Connecticut Responds helped a Guilford man, who is still waiting on an appliance he ordered more than two months ago.

John Coughlin got a great deal on a dishwasher last November for Black Friday. He ordered it, along with a washing machine and a dryer, from Home Depot.

The company set the first delivery date for early December, then missed it, a spokesperson says, because his order wasn’t available.

“They just did not show up,” said Coughlin.

The same thing happened when they rescheduled a second time.

The third time, the delivery company said they were running behind and arrived shortly after Coughlin’s available window. He wasn’t home.

“None of these errors are my fault,” said Coughlin.

With the holidays fast approaching, Coughlin went to Home Depot directly.

“I needed a washer and dryer,” said Coughlin. “I couldn’t wait any longer for that.”

He picked up a similar washer and dryer to what he had ordered, at no additional cost. And, since he was there, he scheduled a fourth delivery date for the dishwasher.

When the date arrived, the appliance, again, did not. Home Depot had the wrong address.

“I was extremely aggravated because this is now the fourth day that I made available to be home to get appliances that I paid for in November,” said Coughlin.

That’s when he reached out to NBC Connecticut Responds.

A Home Depot spokesperson contacted Coughlin right away to apologize, and sent us a statement saying:

“We’re very sorry for the issues Mr. Coughlin experienced with his order and we appreciate the opportunity to work with our delivery vendor and make it right."

The company also gave Coughlin a 200 dollar gift card, a full reimbursement, plus a fifth, and final, delivery date.

“I’m going to put my faith in them one more time,” said Coughlin. “They showed me a sign of good faith by trying to work with me.”

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