Furnace Rebates Put Thousands of Identities at Risk


People who applied to the state for furnace rebate could be at risk for identity theft.

State officials suspect that a temporary worker assigned to work on the state’s furnace rebate program took the names, addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers and dates of births from between one and 11,000 people.

Hartford police and the State police ate investigating and Gov. M. Jodi Rell has ordered the state Office of Policy management to contract with an identity theft protection agency to provide protection services for all the people who might have been affected individuals.

The Office of Police Management learned about the investigation on Friday, according to a news release from the state Office of Policy and Management.  

Officials believe that the person responsible was employed through a contract with a temporary employment agency and a criminal background check was done, but “nothing noteworthy was detected.”

Hartford police are investigating the theft of personal information for people who applied to the state Office of Police Management’s furnace rebate programs. 

Rell also ordered the state Department of Consumer Protection to investigate. 

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