Gas Prices Drop Below $2.00 in Plymouth

A price war between two gas stations has led to some of the lowest prices in years.

NBC Connecticut

Drivers have been lining up to fill up as gas prices fell below $2.00 a gallon at two stations in the Terryville section of Plymouth.

The average for regular has not been that low in Connecticut since 2016 according to price history from GasBuddy.com.

Staff at a Gulf station on Main Street say the price war started about two weeks ago.

A Gulf manager tells NBC Connecticut they decided to this as a way to drum up business as the store came under new management following an issue with the previous tenant and bad gas last year.

Then the Citgo decided to keep up.

That’s led to Saturday when the price for a gallon of regular hit $1.91 at the Citgo station and $1.95 at Gulf.

Right now prices are about 60 cents less a gallon than the statewide average, according to AAA.

Prices are about 40 cents less in Plymouth than at other spots nearby.

Drivers are taking advantage of these prices while they last.

“I saw the lines. I’m like, what the heck is going on with the lines? You don’t usually see the lines at the gas station. I was getting a pizza and thinking now is a good time to fill up,” said Ray Bernard of Terryville.

“I was like oh my god what do I know? I want to come in and get some gas. Let me fill my truck up, you know?” said Steven Wenslow of Terryville.

This just affects regular and other grades have not been dropped.

The staff at the Gulf says they plan to keep the prices at this level for the weekend and then will slowly start to increase them next week.

But they plan to still be the cheapest in the area.

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