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Gas Prices Won't be Getting Cheaper Anytime Soon: Experts

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The average national gas price is the most expensive it’s been on Memorial Day since 2012 when you adjust for inflation, according to federal stats.

Experts said they only expect prices to get higher as we head towards summer.

"Demand is outpacing supply and the war is continuing to put that pressure on the markets,” said Chris Herb, president of Connecticut Energy Marketers Association, which represents family-owned gasoline dealers distributing to about one thousand gas stations in our state.

Herb said what’s also going to put pressure on gas prices, is the fact that refiners produced diesel for a longer period than they usually do because of demand overseas. This should translate to even less gas supply that we need for our cars, impacting our wallets by mid-summer.

But even sooner, Herb said we’ll feel the pinch as federal law requires Connecticut gas stations to switch to summer fuel from winter-grade by June 1 for environmental reasons.

"That adds about a 15-cent premium at the pump. So that government-mandated gas is driving prices that are high, even higher,” Herb said.

Chad Gallagher of Ivoryton said filling up his camper tank was worth it to enjoy White Pines and Barkhamsted after a long couple of years, even if he hadn’t calculated these sky-high gas prices when he booked the campground months ago.

“Like January, February for some place, so we were locked in before the gas prices started going up,” Gallagher said.

A quick fill-up in Southington racked up a big gas bill for the Young family. $193.72 to be exact.

But they’re getting used to the sticker shock, On January 1, the Youngs sold their home and decided to hit the road full-time.

“COVID-19 kind of snowballed things for us. We’re originally from central Arkansas and the kids were doing so great with homeschool, we love to travel and it’s something we always wanted to do,” said Bobby Young.

We met them at a rest stop as they were driving from Washington D.C. and heading to Maine.

But of course, right as the highway became their home, gas prices started rising.

“You got to do what you got to do. This is our home, and this is what we do. We’ve allotted for this, the extra spend, yeah it hurts though,” Bobby Young said.

The Youngs were wise enough to budget for fuel costs, but if it comes down to it they’ll skip dining out for a meal or two.

“The good thing about stopping at truck stops is that there is a program that you can get on with Fleet trucks for our RV, and that’s what we have, and we get a discounted rate, so we’re not paying this full price, but it still is a big chunk,” Bobby Young said.

A good reminder that taking the time to investigate rewards programs may benefit you and your family.

You can follow the Young family’s adventures on YouTube at Travels Abound.

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