VIP Treatment Begins Today in Berlin

The court battle goes on, but the stacks are shelved with adult videos

When you travel down the Berlin Turnpike Wednesday, you can pick up dinner at the supermarket, lights at a home improvement center and well, adult novelties at VIP – Very Intimate Pleasures.

There has been a long, bitter battle that escalated to court cases, but a scaled down version of the adult-oriented store will open Wednesday.

Daniel Silver, an attorney for VIP, said "as far as our adult products are concerned, no more than 12% of VIP's products will be adult products". The store applied for a building permit to renovate the full space but Silver says "we have agreed that all of the adult products will be in the rear of the store",

Neighbors still want them out.

"They sell video with names like "Little Girl Next Door", well my 7-year-old is the little girl next door", said Laura Machaud.

Negihbors say they aren't only worried about what is inside the store, they say their also concerned about the people the shop will attract, the proximity to the homes in the neighborhood and the fact that they're open until 2AM on Fridays and Saturdays.

Earlier this month, a judge granted an injunction that basically allowed the store to open but the town is appealing.

“We’ve been fighting this for three years and gone to great lengths on the state and federal level and with each and every case we continue to appeal decisions” that adversely affect the town, Mayor Adam Salina told the Berlin Citizen after the court decision came down. “We’ll be re-strategizing and continue to fight.”

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