Goodbye CT Car Registration Stickers


That sticker that’s melted onto the inside of your windshield will be a thing of the past in Connecticut starting on Aug. 1.

In just a couple weeks, the state Department of Motor Vehicles is doing away with the front window sticker registration requirement and that, with some additional mailing changes, should save the state $1 million.

It should save you time, razor blades and lots of Goo Be Gone.

This does not mean you don’t need to renew your registration. Your car needs to be up to date, but you only need the official paper registration, which must be carried in your vehicle at all times.

"Stickers are an unnecessary step in the registration process and eliminating them is part of creating a 21st Century DMV that is more modern and efficient by improving service to customers," DMV Commissioner Robert Ward said in a news release.

Technology makes stickers unnecessary because registration enforcement can be done through computer checks, according to the DMV.

Eliminating the stickers alone should  save about $400,000 per year, Ward said.

Starting in September, the state will stop mailing a renewed registration certificate to customers. Instead, you will receive your registration certificate as a tear-off part of the registration application, which is mailed 60 days before it’s due.

A Web site will allow you to ensure that your registration is up to date.

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