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Google Donates $100,000 to Connecticut Foodshare

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Google is donating $100,000 to Connecticut Foodshare to help boost operations and support local pantries ahead of the holidays.

The funding will provide more resources for pantries that want to implement what's known as the Supporting Wellness at Pantries (SWAP) system. The purpose is to categorize foods based on their nutritional value while also educating donors and those struggle with food security.

The second benefit is adding more food banks to Google Maps and searches whenever someone is looking for a place for help. Businesses that accept EBT and SNAP payments will also be added.

The money will improve Foodshare's institute for hunger research and solutions which has a goal of finding ways to prevent food insecurity and helping local food pantries.

"We are one of only 20 entities to receive this money and that is just an honor for us, but I think it also shows for us, here in Connecticut that we're on the cutting edge of food banking," said Jason Jakubowski, Foodshare's president and CEO. "This will allow us to help individuals have a positive experience with food."

In Connecticut, google searches for "extra food stamps CT" increased by 190% in 2021, according to Google. The tech company also mentions searches for "food donation near me" went up by more than 50% during the first week of November.

Google also launched new Maps and Search features to help people find food assistance near them.

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