Haddam Remains in State of Emergency Over Ice Jam Flooding

The Town of Haddam remains in a state of emergency because of the danger flooding and a massive ice jam along the Connecticut River pose to homes in town and the people who live in them.

A proclamation the First Selectman signed Wednesday says “a condition of danger to life and property exists in the Town of Haddam.”

On Thursday night, First Selectman Lizz Milardo said no one has been forced to evacuate yet. One family on Rock Landing left their home on Tuesday but they might be back already.

The water has receded since Wednesday night, Milardo said. 

Milardo said safety is her primary concern and wants to ensure that emergency crews can get to families in affected areas if necessary.

She signed a proclamation to be forwarded to Gov. Dannel Malloy, asking that he proclaim the town is in a state of emergency.

The U.S. Coast Guard was brought in to loosen up ice jams on the Connecticut River, which they said is about three-feet thick in spots. 

The Coast Guard said they are making progress, especially with two boats out on the river breaking the ice on Thursday. They expect to be back in Haddam on Saturday. 

Milardo's biggest concerns is the rain coming on Tuesday and said the areas with the most concerning the potential for flooding is Little Meadow and Landing Road. 

Connecticut residents have been heading to the water's edge to take a glimpse of the natural phenomenon, but officials in affected towns have been concerned about the dangers and Haddam is the second Connecticut town to issue a state of emergency because of ice jam flooding.

Kent has also issued one because of flooding along the Housatonic River, which forced evacuations and road closures.

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