Hartford Considers Adding Red Light Cameras

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People in Hartford are fed up with drivers running red lights.

There’s been lots of close calls and sadly city leaders say people have been hurt or even killed.

Now Hartford is looking to try out adding cameras to catch those breaking the rules.

“I want Hartford to be safe and where people feel safe,” said Maly Rosada, Hartford City Council president.

On Monday Rosada and several other councilors introduced a resolution calling on the city’s state delegation to sponsor legislation to okay a red-light camera pilot program.

Right now state law does not allow it.

Supporters say they’re talking about blatant cases of running red lights.

And they’re hoping this test is given the green light despite similar ideas receiving a lot of pushback especially at the legislature.

The pilot would last at least six months and supporters hope to gather information about how useful it might be.

“All of which is designed to improve the quality of life,” said Councilman John Gale.

Drivers caught breaking the rules would receive a notice of violation instead of a ticket during the trial.

Councilors say in one year in the city at least 99 traffic accidents were caused by red light runners and a study found cameras reduced deadly crashes by 21%.

“Red light cameras have been and are still a really bad idea for Connecticut,” said David McGuire, ACLU of Connecticut executive director.

The ACLU called this a huge racial justice issue.

“We know where these are typically placed they impact more Black and brown drivers and collateral consequences are a huge problem,” said McGuire.

“It’s not about race. It’s about lives and safety,” said Councilman James Sanchez.

For now families are keeping their eyes open for the potential danger.

“I’ve seen it and it’s not safe. I have children and I want to feel safe,” said Andrene Bent-Campbell of Hartford.

On Monday, the resolution moved to the Public Safety Committee.

Before any pilot program could start it still needs the okay from the full council and then heads to the legislature.

No word yet how much it would cost.

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