Hartford HealthCare Breaks Ground on Bone and Joint Facility

Hartford HealthCare broke ground Tuesday afternoon on the new Bone and Joint Institute, positioning itself to meet the demands of an aging population.

"Our efforts are all around innovating not so much new technology necessarily but about how we provide care to patients every day," said the physician-in-chief of the $150 million institute, Dr. Courtland Lewis.

In a couple years, patients will be able to get complete treatment at the new location along Seymour Street, where two Hartford Hospital parking lots are now.

The building will include 10 operating rooms and 60 inpatient beds, allowing Hartford Hospital to convert semi-private rooms in the existing hospital to private ones.

Before the ceremony for donors and doctors, Hartford HealthCare executives explained that they hope to compete at a world-class level.

"We have the DNA here in Hartford, we have the depth of specialists, the capabilities, to deliver what we call the triple aim: affordability, how we bring together the patient experience, and how we bring together quality, value, for our patients and our community," said Jeffrey Flaks, executive Vice President of Hartford HealthCare.

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