Hartford Public Library Releases Strategic Plan

The Hartford Public Library has been feeling the pinch over the past several years due to the state’s financial crisis and has struggled to maintain evenly distributed services across its 10 locations.

To combat this, the Hartford Public Library (HPL) has announced a new strategic business plan on Tuesday that will be implemented across all of its locations. They hope this plan will secure the Library’s future for years to come.

The plan focuses on enabling the HPL to offer more open hours, be open more days and allow for more services for the community. The planning process created detailed neighborhood assessments and an Ecosystem Map, better engagement with community leaders and the public, community benchmarking and operational scenario models.

In July, officials said the Blue Hills, Goodwin and Mark Twain branches were going to shut down Sept. 5 but in August, HPL announced that it will delay the closure of three library branches until the end of 2017

For more information about how this affects your Hartford Library Branch, go to the website.

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