Hartford School Closed Again Tuesday After Fentanyl Contamination, Student Overdose

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The Sport and Medical Sciences Academy in Hartford is closed again on Tuesday after testing didn't meet the standard following the discovery of dozens of bags of powdered fentanyl in the school.

A Hartford Public Schools spokesperson said that a sample taken at the school indicated that one room came back slightly over the detection limit. Now, the decontamination process has to be repeated again on Tuesday.

Officials are prompting parents to have a discussion with their children about fentanyl after a fatal exposure at a Hartford school last week.

A 13-year-old student who was in grave condition because of an overdose died over the weekend, according to police.

Police said the teen suffered an overdose at the school Thursday and succumbed to his injures Saturday evening around 5:30 p.m.

“Our city grieves for this child lost, for his loved ones, his friends, his teachers, and the entire SMSA family. We still have much to learn about the circumstances of this tragedy, and about how a child had access to such a shocking quantity of such deadly drugs, and our police department will continue their investigation and seek to hold accountable the adults who ultimately are responsible for this child’s death," Mayor Luke Bronin said in a statement.

The Hartford Public Schools superintendent has released a statement.

"I extend my heart and offer my deepest condolences to the student’s family, friends, and loved ones for their loss. I ask that everyone keep the family, friends, and the entire school community at SMSA in their thoughts and prayers," she said in part.

"This tragic loss will raise many emotions, concerns, and questions for our school community, especially our students. Our school and district Crisis Intervention Team has already been assembled and will continue to help with the needs of students, parents, and school personnel," she continued.

Two other students who came in contact with the substance have been released and are at home.

Hartford police are investigating after 40 bags of powdered Fentanyl was found in a school.

Boisvert said upon a search of the school, investigators found 40 small bags of what was later determined to be fentanyl in powder form. The bags were found in two classrooms and the gymnasium.

"It's poison," Boisvert said. He said it's a very deadly and dangerous substance.

“[Thursday] was a very challenging day, a hard day, a scary day for our school community at The Sport and Medical Sciences Academy and our entire Hartford Public Schools community,” Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez, the superintendent of Hartford Public Schools, said.

Students were kept in lockdown. As they were dismissed, students had to ensure that their shoes were decontaminated in case they had been exposed.

Torres-Rodriguez said support services, in-person, and virtual, are being offered.

The building is being cleaned, Torres-Rodriguez said. “Dust wipe sampling” is being done and those samples will be going to a lab in New Jersey for testing.

Police said they believe a student brought the bags of fentanyl into the school.

The school was closed Friday and Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. There needs to be no level of contamination to be able to return.

Officials said they are not releasing the teen's name at this time.

As leaders try to figure out how a deadly drug could end up in several children's classrooms, they say it's important to look at home life and make sure that caretakers outside of the building are standing in between their children and this kind of deadly harm.

"It's about getting the information out there, you know, and getting treatment programs available to people, and also for the parents to know for the signs and symptoms, but unfortunately, this is a multi-generational problem," said Tim Bombard of Connecticut Addiction Medicine.

Hartford Police said every division of the department is working to solve what happened on Thursday. They say the investigation remains very active.

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