New Year's Eve

Hartford's NYE Traditions Go Virtual to Ring in 2021

First Night Hartford will be moving to a completely virtual event.

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Ringing in the new year will look a little different for many Hartford locals as one of the city’s grand traditions is heading completely online.

First Night Hartford will be moving to a completely virtual event.

"We have a super robust 10-hour broadcast this year we’re going live on Facebook and YouTube we’re also on local public access TV," Jeffrey Devereux, First Night Hartford event manager explained.

There will be events throughout the night for the whole family.

"As we also have Zoom workshops that will be going on simultaneously that folks can register for. We are selling these Hartford First Night party kits this year which will be a nice little hands-on activity for families at home. So you could be doing a Hartford base coloring books, doing a dance workshop on Zoom and have the broadcast on TV," said Devereux.

Going from 2 p.m. to a little after the clock strikes midnight, the event will also showcase performances and a special finale and you can watch it all from the comfort of your home.

"We have heartbeat ensemble doing a series of theatrical performances," said Devereux.

First Night isn’t the only event going online - the Schubert Theater in New Haven is making some changes as their annual New Year’s Eve comedy show will be completely virtual and streamed through multiple platforms.

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