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Health Officials Stress Importance of Flu Shots

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Flu season is quickly approaching, and health experts are recommending everyone get the flu vaccine by the end of October.

“We want to prevent the diseases we know are preventable that can have really bad consequences, and getting a flu vaccine is the easiest way to prevent contracting a pretty bad illness that can cause death and pretty severe illness for all ages,” said PhysicanOne Urgent Care Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jeannie Kenkare.

Kenkare says after getting the flu shot it takes about two weeks to take full effect.

“I think flu vaccine this year is just as important as any year and maybe even more so because of the burden we have on the health care workers right now and in the health system,” said Kenkare.

While you can still get the flu after you’re vaccinated, the CDC says some studies show your illness will be less severe.

“Last year we didn’t see flu much at all. And maybe that will be the case this year too, but I think that’s probably pretty unlikely. People are back out and about. Schools have opened up,” said Kenkare.

For those getting their Covid-19 booster or any of the Covid-19 vaccines, the CDC says you can get both a Covid-19 shot and flu shot at the same time.

“Think about getting the vaccine when it's available, either one. If you can spread them out, and you want to do that, that's perfectly OK. But if it's easier to get it at one stop, there's no problem in getting both of them. The side effect profile seems to be the same whether you get them separately or you get them together. So it's no worse getting them together. So maybe I think the thought is, if I'm going to get mild reaction and feel bad after getting the vaccine, why don't I just get them together and get it over with,” said Kenkare.

PhysicianOne Urgent Care is hosting several flu shot clinics this weekend around the state. You just need your ID and insurance card. If you don’t have insurance, Dr. Kenkare said it’ll be free.

For locations and times, you can head here: www.p1uc.com

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