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Hot Air Balloons Hit the Skies for Annual Plainville Festival

Plainville Fire Company’s Hot Air Balloon Festival is an end of summer tradition for many families.

For 35 years, Plainville firefighters have been going above and beyond to help the community, and it's not just about fighting fires.

Friday evening was day one of the Plainville Fire Company’s Hot Air Balloon Festival.

The event has become an end of summer tradition for so many families, an experience that takes tales of summer vacation to new heights.

“It was kind of scary at first because we were going really high and I wasn’t expecting it,” said Aubrey of Massachusetts after getting off her first tethered lift on a balloon.

Minal Dave of Cromwell also took a ride.

“Oh it was amazing. I’ve never had an experience like this before.”

And even when the sun set, thee sky continued to shine as the flames and then firefighters lit the sky.

“Oh it was awesome. It was fantastic time over here with my son and my wife,” said Dhruv Dave of Cromwell.

The sale of food fried up and flipped by these firefighters and their families feeds right back into the community,

“We give about $8- or $9,000 a year away in scholarships. We also give a lot of donations to town athletic programs, high school programs and the food pantry,” said chairman of the event Jim Lenois.

Which makes attending this event an out of this world experience.

“I feel out of place if I don’t come to do this because it’s just amazing to see the community all come together and see all the firefighters working together here and not just fighting fires all the time,” said Tessa Schneider, a volunteer and daughter of a firefighter.

The first of three hot air balloon launches is Saturday at 6 a.m.

There’s only handicapped parking at Norton Park. For everyone else, there are shuttle from area parking lots.

Head to the Plainville Fire Company website for particulars.

Entrance to the event is free, but if you plan on buying something from a vendor be prepared with cash. The line at the events only ATM was very long Friday night.

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