Hurricane Dogs Hope for New Homes in Connecticut

This weekend a big pet adoption event is aiming to find homes for many animals, including some displaced after Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas.

Some of these dogs have come thousands of miles in search of loving homes.

Dogs have been arriving at the Paws Pet Resort and Spa in Cheshire by the truckload.

“We donated the space instantly. She came down and looked at it. It was just the ideal situation. We have plenty of space, plenty of parking, bedrooms for the dogs. It’s a home run,” explained owner Joe Whitright.

The business is working with Dogs Days, a non-profit rescue organization based in Connecticut.

“We are an umbrella for a bunch of different rescues. We pull dogs from Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina,” explained Dog Days worker Michele Fredericks.

They’re hoping to find homes for about 50 dogs. There’s a greater need this year, after the devastation in the Carolinas from Hurricane Florence last month.

“It’s overwhelming. We can’t take all the dogs we’ve gotten calls for. I’ve never seen this many calls for this many dogs without having a home to go to. We would love to take everybody,” Fredericks said.

Dog Days relies heavily on fundraising and donations.

Volunteers work hard to bring in the funds needed.

“From the Hamburg fair fundraiser and the can drive fundraiser it was $3,505,” explained volunteer Hannah Morrison.

Dog Days does screenings before pet adoption, to make sure they’re always finding the right fit for families and the pets.

“It’s a big commitment, number one. You have to have the right time of home and not every dog suits you,” Fredericks said.

The adoption event runs Saturday and Sunday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 312 East Johnson Ave. in Cheshire. For more information, visit the Dog Days website.

NBC Connecticut is always working to help animals find their forever homes through our Clear the Shelters initiative.

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