Pooches & Pet Owner Rescued From Icy Waters

A Shelton man says he’s lucky to be alive after falling through the thin ice of the Housatonic River.

George Ciaccio, 77, has a bruised hand and cut on his nose but is in otherwise in good health.  "If it wasn’t for Matt and Joe Legen, I probably wouldn’t be here today," said Ciaccio

Ciaccio fell through the ice at Indian Wells State Park in Shelton Tuesday afternoon after his dog, Allie, took off after some geese.  The geese flew off, but Allie ran right onto the thin ice and fell in. Ciaccio ran after her.  "I was just about to grab her collar when the ice gave way and I went all the way down," said Ciaccio.

Joe and Matt Legen were nearby and heard the cries for help. Joe, 23, is a Stratford police officer, while his brother Matt, 19, is a Shelton police dispatcher.

It took several tries and several falls into the water, but the men successfully pulled Ciaccio and the two dogs to safety.  "If you see someone in trouble, pay it forward.  They would do the same for you hopefully," said Matt Legen.

Ciaccio was taken to the hospital, but was released. Police are now warning everyone of thin ice across the state.

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