Police Believe Plainville High School Threat Was a Rumor That Grew on Social Media

There is an increased police presence at Plainville High School Thursday after an investigation into an alleged threat, which police believe was a rumor that grew on social media.

Plainville High School Principal Carl Johnson sent a message to parents Thursday morning that said school officials became aware around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday of allegations of a threat by a student toward students at the high school that quickly spread on various social media platforms.

School administrators a and residents contacted police who started investigating and worked quickly to determine the validity of this threat, Johnson wrote.

He said the superintendent and school administrators have been in frequent contact with Police Chief Catania and members of the Plainville Police Department since learning of this alleged threat and police “thoroughly investigated this concern and has assured us that school can open as normal today and that they are confident in the safety and security of our high school,” the letter says.

Police said Thursday that they believe someone started a rumor, which grew on social media and the evidence led them to believe there is no threat.

As an additional security measure, there will be an increased police presence at the school.

“Despite the alleged threat being fully investigated and resolved, the added police presence will be in place to help alleviate any student or parent concerns, in an abundance of caution due to the seriousness we place in any perceived threat to the safety of our building,” Johnson wrote in his letter.

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