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Insurance Department Calls for Lower Auto Insurance Rates

Officials say with fewer cars on the road due to social distancing, insurers should consider lowering premiums to match the lowered risk for accidents or other issues.

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The state Department of Insurance is calling on insurers to consider lowering rates for personal vehicle plans and non-owned auto insurance due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Commissioner Andrew Mais said fewer cars are on the roads due to social distancing, meaning fewer miles driven and a lower risk of traffic accidents. The department is requesting insurance companies that offer auto and motorcycle coverage in Connecticut look at lowering premiums due to the reduced risks during the stay home period.

Officials are also asking insurers to work with business owners, restaurants in particular, who have started delivery services in response to the crisis to give them options for commercial hired and non-owned automobile insurance.

Mais said such a move could reduce financial hardship for those affected financially by the crisis.

The department is also encouraging customers to reach out to their insurer directly to see if they will consider a reduced premium.

Consumers and insurers with questions can contact the department at 800-203-3447 or 860-297-3900, or by emailing

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