‘It's Like the Wild West': Waterford Neighborhood Frustrated With ATVS

A Waterford neighborhood is fed up with people on four-wheelers and dirt bikes plowing through their yards and speeding down their quiet street.

"It's like the Wild West out here in the afternoon. Especially on the weekends,” said Lou Pergiovanni, of Devonshire Drive, about the four-wheelers and dirt bikes cutting through his lawn.

Pergiovanni said these riders have “total disregard” for his and his neighbor’s property.

“They'll come up your lawn, they'll do terrible wheelies down the street going 40 miles an hour," he said.

Anthony Farrell has tire marks imprinted into his yard. He said the dirt path behind his house leads to the former Waterford Airport property, where people illegally ride. He’s tried to block off one of the path’s entrances, but said riders then made their own.

The problem grows in the summer. Waterford Police said these riders — several who appear to be minors — operate at high speeds, are unregistered and uninsured. Several even drive on local roads.

Police have ramped up patrols. But according to officers, the challenge is that the drivers often don't stop for the police and there's no registration plate for officers to get an ID.

"They’re going so fast and they know they can exit at the end of the woods. They're almost impossible to catch,” said Joe Parise, of Devonshire Drive.

Parise said he and his neighbors know police are doing their best, but safety is a concern.

“Coming on people's personal property with kids, and we all have pets and dogs, there could be an accident,” Parise said. “And we're just trying to prevent that.”

Waterford Police are training to spot ATVs, UTVs and dirt bikes that are not where they're supposed to be and are warning the public to stay off private property.

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