Jennifer Dulos

Jennifer Dulos Case: Experts Weigh in on Proving Murder Without a Body

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Three people have been arrested in connection to the murder of Jennifer Dulos. She has been missing since May and since then, the police have found a lot of evidence, but no sign of her body.

Now her estranged husband, Fotis Dulos, his ex-girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, and his civil attorney, Kent Mawhinney, all face charges.

NBC Connecticut spoke with several lawyers and a former State's Attorney who said there have been 29 convictions nationwide, including one right here in Connecticut, where someone was convicted of murder without a body.

Without a body, it's more difficult. The state needs to prove through other means that the victim is no longer alive. They also need to show trace evidence that relates to foul play and conflicting stories or lies found by suspects in the case.

Fotis Dulos is facing felony murder, murder and kidnapping charges.

The latest arrest warrant accuses him of using zip ties to restrain his estranged wife, Jennifer. Police said they have those zip ties.

Police also interviewed the children's nanny, who said Fotis was never allowed in the New Canaan home. This is important because his DNA was found on the kitchen faucet, which his lawyer explained by saying he was inside days before while visiting their children.

"Very little was disclosed today that is new. And what was disclosed was a shocking lack of confidence by the state in its case," said attorney Norm Pattis.

Fotis, Troconis and Mawhinney are all expected to appear in court on Wednesday. Fotis is being held on $6 million bond.

Pattis said Fotis plans to post bond after his court appearance.

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