Keeping Cooling Costs Down

Cooling off at home can cost money, but there are ways to spend less on energy.

For example, some people think they're conserving when they turn their air conditioner off when they leave the house.

Tricia Modifica, Eversource spokeswoman, explained, "When you turn it off when you leave and crank it up when you get home, you use more energy and it's harder for the house to cool down. So one thing that really we recommend is set your thermostat at a comfortable and moderate temperature.

She also said every degree lower than comfortable and moderate could mean up to six percent higher electricity bills.

"If you can notch it up one degree and still be comfortable that's a good idea too," she said.

Experts also advise regular maintenance on air conditioning units - coils should be cleaned and dirt and leaves should be kept away from the outside fan.

Also something to remember when the sun's burning down: lower the shades to help keep the heat out.

If you don’t have the option of air conditioning at home, several cities and towns have opened cooling centers. Click here to see the list.

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