Kindness Awards in Honor of Sandy Hook Student

In Joanne Bacon's eyes, there was no greater than her own Charlotte. She would have turned 7 on Friday. "I thank you all for being here tonight and celebrating Charlotte's birthday with us and honoring these great kids," said Joanne Bacon, mother of Charlotte.  "She needed to test her ideas and find the answers to her curiosity. I'm truly amazed by this little girl. Newtown Kindness reminds us that no act of kindness."

The first Charlotte Bacon Acts of Kindness awards were given out Friday night at the Healing Newtown Facility.  It's to honor Charlotte's memory and reward other children for their kindness; to kids who gave back.

Kids like Ariana Pensy of Janesville, Wisconsin wrote about her good deeds.  "When I did what I did I felt like a good person too so that would be how we are similar and connect," Pensy said.  Pensy saw a girl in her third grade class in Wisconsin who had no one to play with. She began talking to her and befriended her. Pensy even brought a special bucket to donate to the town...and the idea has caught on in her home town.

"It gets people thinking about treating people better and about doing kind things and it's been wonderful to see the effect in our town," said Lara Pensy, Ariana's mom.

Some kids like Ariana were present for their awards while others like Caren Ulcak were skyped in. She Irish step danced for sick kids at a local cancer hospital in Austin, Texas.

Aaron Carlson founded the website to find a way to heal. Her daughter was close to Charlotte.
"We saw so much fantastic good will coming to our community and really just wanted to be part of it and do something positive," Carlson said.

The kids who got the awards also got a special prize. One was given so her family could a Broadway show.

Ariana is getting the chance to meet an NFL player who saw her act of kindness and wanted to recognize her good deed.

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