Mother Reunited Kittens Rescued from Storm Drain at Quinnipiac University

Four kittens that were stuck in a storm drain at Quinnipiac University have been reunited with their mother and will be available for adoption.

Jen, a student, said a group of people were trying to help get the kittens from the storm drain on campus Monday and the kitten rescue continued the next day. 

Jen said Hamden police and fire told the students that they were "too busy" to respond Monday night.

A Quinnipiac University spokesman told NBC Connecticut that school workers opened the storm drain grate and got the kittens out on Monday but the kittens went back inside shortly after. School officials said the kittens were not trapped and could come and go as they please.

Rescue group Super Paws Rescue Inc. told NBC Connecticut a student reached out to them Tuesday morning and that they were looking into the situation.

Police said the assistant animal control officer received a message at 7 a.m. Tuesday university public safety staff, responded and rescued two of the kittens. 

Because of rain, police contacted public works crews to obtain sand bags to keep the storm drains from flooding. Super Paws Rescue also provided a tarp and university staff set up a canopy over the storm drain.

A local contractor brought a camera to place into the drain and the two other kittens walked into netting and were rescued.

The kittens are at Super Paws in Fairfield and will be checked out and spayed or neutered. They will likely be available in five to six weeks. For information, call 203-578-6396.

On Wednesday, school officials said the mother cat was reuinited with the kittens at SuperPaws. 

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