Water Main Breaks in Meriden

A large water main break cut off service to several homes and businesses throughout Meriden on Sunday and several homes still have no water Monday.

"This could be tough," Bryan Storey said, "Not going to the bathroom, no taking showers. In the morning, you've gotta take a shower."

Taps in Meriden went dry  around 11a.m. after a 20-inch water main broke at Reservoir and Capitol avenues, pouring out 4 million to 5 million gallons of water.

Deputy Fire Chief David Bowen correlated the break to a main artery in your arm.

"You cut that or break that and it has an affect on your body. So it's basically the same here," he said.

The Meriden fire department responded first, shutting off water to homes and businesses around town.

Meriden Water Division took over and was able to isolate the rupture. Still about 40 homes and two business buildings were without water. About 30 homes still had no water Monday morning. 

"I have children and we go back to school tomorrow and we need the water to bathe them and be ready for school," Kelly Sengstock said Sunday.

"We always have water on hand for emergencies like this," Richard Pasela said.

Iris Rivera is not letting a little less water get in her way.

"We (will) go to McDonald's for dinner," she said.

Fire officials said the cause of the water main is unknown.

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