Cold Temperatures Make for Slippery Roads

This morning's storm caused many school closings.

west hartford 84 tractor-trailer 1200

Cold temperatures are making for slick roads this morning as slush and puddles ice over.

I-395 southbound was closed in Putnam after a multicar crash between exits 97 and Exit 96, but has since reopened.

In West Hartford, a tractor-trailer is dangling on the edge of Interstate 84 East in West Hartford.  The right shoulder of the highway is blocked between exits 41 and 43.
Snow totals yesterday ranged from just a dusting near Bradley International Airport to about 3.5 inches in Waterbury.

Most areas of the state saw about 2 inches of snowfall, Meteorologist Ryan Hanrahan reports.

More than 300 schools closed or decided to dismiss early yesterday and by the afternoon, that number had doubled.

In Lebanon, a truck carrying kerosene flipped over earlier, closing the road. Another major crash happened in Milford, when a pickup truck crashed into a home and caused structural damage. 

“I’ve seen people not following the speed limit, going a little too fast. You never know what’s around that next corner. Cruising at 30 miles an hour, you hit a patch of ice. You can total your car even going 20 miles per hour,” Frankie Crespo, a tow truck driver from International Auto Service Center, said yesterday.

Another significant winter storm could be on the way this weekend, bringing snow Saturday night and a freezing mix on Sunday, according to Brad Field.

On Monday, a dump truck rolled on its side on Interstate 691 in Cheshire and the crash is attributed to slick road conditions. There was a three-car crash on Interstate 91 North in Wethersfield near exit 26, There were also several minor crashes.


Drive slow as secondary roads, sidewalks and driveways could become slick as temperatures continue to fall. In inclement conditions, AAA recommends dropping driving speeds by 30 percent of your normal speed.


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