Living the Map, One State at a Time

One man is living in each state and choosing careers popular in each

Daniel Seddiqui is a new employee at Amity Insurance, but he’s not planning on sticking around for long. He doesn’t lack ambition. To the contrary, he has the ambitious goal of working 50 jobs in 50 states in 50 weeks. 

He calls it “Living the Map” and Connecticut is stop 44 out of 50.

The Californian studied economics in college, but that didn't get him far, he said, and neither did his traditional job search. He used that as an opportunity to set out to find his passion. 

“I had to change my career path, and change my life and try something that I always wanted to do, and that was live and work in every state,” Seddiqui said.

In his blog, Seddiqui said he planned to explore the lifestyle that each state has to offer by choosing one career per state – “a career that is popular and represents that state.”

He started in Utah and has worked as everything from a dietitian in Mississippi to a weatherman in Ohio. In Connecticut, insurance seemed the obvious career choice.

“When he came, I was really questioning, ‘Is this just part of his gimmick to do 50 jobs in 50 states? But he's really entered the office with a real curiosity,’” Larry Brownstein, of Amity Insurance, said.

As Seddiqui lives life on the road, he's hardly been living the high life. He's been driving himself cross-country and those who give him work also give him a place to stay.

“I thought I was going to need $100,000 to do this and stay in hotels. I haven't stayed in a hotel yet,” he said.

Seddiqui’s had several job offers along the way but expects to write a book from his adventure and perhaps follow it up with an opportunity in television, or perhaps embark on another adventure overseas.

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