Local Bubs Make Sing-Off Finale, Vote Now

We love Christmas movies, we really do, but sometime you need a break and one show we’re a bit obsessed with is The Sing-Off.

You don’t have to like a cappella to like this show. As you watch, you actually don’t even think about the fact that you’re watching a cappella. It’s just good singing, especially since it’s down to a handful of the best acts.

Tonight’s the finale and two guys from Connecticut made the cut. Sam Cantor, a graduate of Hall High School and Eric Morrisey, of Farmington, are members of the group the Beelzebubs, an a capella group from Tufts University.

Their motto is fun through song and the judges seem to agree that watching them is fun.  When Cantor traveled with the “Bubs” to New York for the audition, he did not know it was an audition for the show, his parents told the Hartford Courant.

"Sam is having the time of his life out there," his father, Michael Cantor, told the Courant. "It is being filmed at Warner Brothers, the group is getting exposure and on Saturday they were asked to perform at a private party in West Hollywood," he explained.

For the record, the show is on NBC, which happens to be the same company we are a part of. Watch the show at 8 p.m. and vote for the “Bubs.”

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