Madison Schools Offer Great Education for Your Housing Bucks


If you are looking for “the best schools for your housing buck,” look no further than Madison. and have declared Madison as the fifth best school system in the $400,000 to $599,000 median home price category.

“The recent Forbes/GreatSchools recognition is terrific for our Madison community,” Supt. of Schools David Klein told the New Haven Register. “ The fine reputation of the school/community partnerships and collaborations that have existed in Madison for many years.” 

Many years is right.
Madison schools have been known to have the highest standardized test scores and a high percentage of graduates attending four-year colleges.
“In Madison, even the jocks are brainiacs: For the past three years, the girls’ soccer team at Daniel Hand High School received the state’s national Team Academic Award for a team GPA exceeding 3.25,” a GreatSchools staffer wrote of Madison.
Recently students and staff of J. Milton Jeffrey Elementary School celebrated their recent recognition as Connecticut Association of Schools Elementary School of the year. That’s not all though. In 2007, Daniel Hand High School was named one of the nation’s top high schools by U.S. News & World Report.
The Forbes and GreatSchools study separated schools into five average home pricing categories and then weighed the student enrollment and test scores on a 100 point scale.
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