Sex Offender Accused of Spying on Juvenile in Bathroom at Connecticut Post Mall in Milford

A Bridgeport man who is on the sex offender registry is accused of spying on a little boy in a restroom at Connecticut Post Mall in Milford and has been arrested. 

Police said they responded to the mall at 5:20 p.m. Sunday and arrested 27-year-old Michael Drzal, of Bridgeport, who is accused of using a mirror to look over the bathroom stall divider at the boy who was using the bathroom at the time. 

"He was in there for well over two hours, I guess laying in wait you could sayuntil he saw the people using the restroom next to his," said Officer Michael DeVito of the Milford Police Department.

DeVito said the victim came out of the bathroom and told his guardian. 

"He came out. He was very startled, very shaken, as you can imagine and he told his guardian he thought the party in the stall next to him had a mirror," DeVito explained.

The guardian asked for help from people passing by the check out the suspect in the bathroom. When the suspect came out, store security kept him until police arrived.

Drzal was charged with voyeurism, risk of injury and breach of peace in the second degree. 

Bond was set at $5,000.

A Michael Drzal is listed on the Connecticut sex offender registry at the same address. The sex offender registry said he was convicted of receipt and distribution of material involving the sexual exploitation of children.

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