Man Accused of Tackling Pucky Must Apologize: Report

Kevin OConnell and Pucky

The man accused of attacking Pucky the Whale has to write an apologize to fans and a form of book report.

Kevin O’Connell, 28, of East Hartford is accused of tackling the mascot as Pucky greeting people in the stands at a minor league hockey game over a bet with a friend, police said.

Immediately, dozens of upset parents reacted and helped Hartford Police Officer John Zweibelson and the XL Center staff find O’Connell, who police said, was hiding in section 206.

A judge has ordered O'Connell to write a letter of apology and have it published in The Hartford Courant, his lawyer, Peter F. Odlum, told the Courant.

He must also do community service and write an essay on a book he's assigned and he will not be allowed to attend future events at the XL Center.

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