Man Hopes to Reunite Stuffed Cat Found at Bradley International Airport With Its Owner

One Connecticut man is going to great lengths to try to reunite a stuffed animal he found at Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, CT with its owner.

Mitchell Rubin said he found the cat near the American Airlines departures terminal on Tuesday.

“I noticed something laying on the curb kicked around,” Rubin said. “I thought it was a piece of trash, but it turned out be a lost kitty. It’s been around for a while, the tag is pretty ratty.”

He decided to post the photo on Facebook hoping to find the owner. His post has been shared more than 25,000 times.

“I’ve heard from everywhere from Puerto Rico, to Guatemala, to Australia Zeeland, many of the states, Rubin said. “People are just touched because I think this hits home.”

Connecticut State Police run the lost and found at the airport and said no one has called to ask about the cat so far.

Still, Rubin is holding on, hoping he can return kitty to its owner.

“They’re a security blanket for kids when bad things are going on, or scary things, or unfamiliar things,” Kathleen Kuba, a Milford parent. said.

“I’m sure whatever child that belongs to isn’t very happy right now,” Rory Casey, a parent, said.

So far, Rubin said no one has come forward to claim the cat, but he’s happy to hold onto it until they do.

“I feel if I could save some little kid Dennis it was his friend, that’s the ultimate goal,” he said.

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