Manchester Replacing Trash Bins With Smaller Ones

Manchester is phasing out its old trash bins for new ones that are two-thirds of the size.  

Manchester’s sanitation division is replacing 16,000 trash bins after finding many of them were worn and torn after an average of 15 years. The town said an average eight out of 10 residents have and use the 95-gallon bin for their trash and the new bins that residents are now receiving hold 65 gallons. 

“We’re just trying to promote recycling. We do feel that based on the average household, there is a fair amount of material that isn’t being recycled right now,” Environmental Services Manager Brooks Parker said. 

There’s an additional incentive to be ahead of the curve, he said, because, “we’re also trying to meet a requirement from the state that they’re looking for a 60 percent diversion of the waste stream by 2024.” 

Jean Lefebvre, who’s lived in Manchester for nearly 50 years, said the size of the trash bin matters. 

“They’re suitable for me, I’m a family of two,” Lefebvre said. “But anyone who has children, I don’t think they’re large enough.”

Residents can sign up to use a 95-gallon bin for $200 a year. The cost, Lefebvre said, is a bit steep and it isn’t the only thing that has people upset.

“There’s going to be trash everywhere. There’s already been posts on Facebook of animals getting into them a lot easier,” John St. Peter, of Manchester, said.

Lefebvre said her original bin never needed to be replaced.

“[The new one] is not as sturdy as the other barrel was, and my barrel was fine,” Lefebvre said.

Manchester residents are being asked to place their old bins out the night before their regularly scheduled collection.

“If you hold on to it, it won’t be used after July, they’re only going to pick up trash from the new style of containers,” Parker said.

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