Maury Guests Arrested for Behaving Like Maury Guests

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The fight started even before Maury introduced them, and now a California couple is in a Connecticut slammer instead of on the set of the pseudo-reality show known for infidelity confessions and “Who’s your daddy?” DNA tests.

Frank Coleman Jr., 25, of Oakland, and Jasmenda Brown, 22, of San Francisco, were staying at a hotel in Stamford, the town where Maury is taped, when the tiff started, the Stamford Advocate reports. Employees at the Holiday Inn on E. Main Street heard fighting around 11 a.m. on Wednesday and called the cops.

Coleman had scratches on his face and told police he cut himself shaving, police told the newspaper. But witnesses said he didn’t nick himself – he and his girlfriend were fighting.

They are being held on $500 bonds. It's unclear what they were appearing on Maury to discuss, but the show’s known for showcasing cheating, controlling and abusive men, secret crushes and those ever popular DNA tests.

If Maury’s lineup is full after the court proceedings are done, they might want to hop on over to Jerry Springer’s Stamford studio.

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